Безопасность и оптимизация Linux.Редакция для Red Hat


Extended dumb serial driver options

Extended dumb serial driver options (CONFIG_SERIAL_EXTENDED) [N/y/?]

Non-standard serial port support (CONFIG_SERIAL_NONSTANDARD) [N/y/?]

Unix98 PTY support (CONFIG_UNIX98_PTYS) [Y/n/?]

Maximum number of Unix98 PTYs in use (0-2048)


Mouse Support (not serial mice) (CONFIG_MOUSE) [Y/n/?]


ATIXL busmouse support (CONFIG_ATIXL_BUSMOUSE) [N/y/?]

Logitech busmouse support (CONFIG_BUSMOUSE) [N/y/?]

Microsoft busmouse support (CONFIG_MS_BUSMOUSE) [N/y/?]

PS/2 mouse (aka "auxiliary device") support (CONFIG_PSMOUSE) [Y/n/?]

C&T 82C710 mouse port support (as on TI Travelmate)

(CONFIG_82C710_MOUSE) [Y/n/?] N

PC110 digitizer pad support (CONFIG_PC110_PAD) [N/y/?]

Joystick support

Joystick support (CONFIG_JOYSTICK) [N/y/?]

QIC-02 tape support (CONFIG_QIC02_TAPE) [N/y/?]

Watchdog Timer Support (CONFIG_WATCHDOG) [N/y/?]

/dev/nvram support (CONFIG_NVRAM) [N/y/?]

Enhanced Real Time Clock Support (CONFIG_RTC) [N/y/?]

Video for Linux

Video For Linux (CONFIG_VIDEO_DEV) [N/y/?]

Double Talk PC internal speech card support (CONFIG_DTLK) [N/y/?]

Ftape, the floppy tape device driver

Ftape (QIC-80/Travan) support (CONFIG_FTAPE) [N/y/?]


Quota support (CONFIG_QUOTA) [N/y/?] Y

Kernel automounter support (CONFIG_AUTOFS_FS) [Y/n/?] N

Amiga FFS filesystem support (CONFIG_AFFS_FS) [N/y/?]

Apple Macintosh filesystem support (experimental) (CONFIG_HFS_FS) [N/y/?]

DOS FAT fs support (CONFIG_FAT_FS) [N/y/?]

ISO 9660 CDROM filesystem support (CONFIG_ISO9660_FS) [Y/n/?]

Microsoft Joliet CDROM extensions (CONFIG_JOLIET) [N/y/?]

Minix fs support (CONFIG_MINIX_FS) [N/y/?]

NTFS filesystem support (read only) (CONFIG_NTFS_FS) [N/y/?]

OS/2 HPFS filesystem support (read only) (CONFIG_HPFS_FS) [N/y/?]

/proc filesystem support (CONFIG_PROC_FS) [Y/n/?]

/dev/pts filesystem for Unix98 PTYs (CONFIG_DEVPTS_FS) [Y/n/?]

ROM filesystem support (CONFIG_ROMFS_FS) [N/y/?]

Second extended fs support (CONFIG_EXT2_FS) [Y/n/?]

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